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Succop Nature Park Maternity Session in Butler, PA

Updated: Aug 4, 2022

I've been wanting to do a session at Succop Nature Park for a while, so I jumped at the chance when my friend mentioned it as a possible location for her maternity session. It was the perfect location and absolutely gorgeous! We got so lucky with the weather for this sunset session. It was early November, so as everyone who lives in Western PA knows, it's kindof a flip of the coin whether we'll have cold rain, wind, or a freak warm night -- thankfully, we got lucky with a warm night. This session was extra special because in addition to maternity pictures, I was also capturing family pictures of this sweet growing family. I love capturing all of the excitement of the new baby. Especially when there's a toddler included - It's always cute to see the connection the toddler already has with their little brother or sister. And I could already tell this little girl is SO excited for the new baby to arrive! So many hugs and kisses for the new babe in her mama's belly. This was one of those sessions that made me so excited that I get to be a photographer, and made me feel just so incredibly grateful for this job I get to do.

There is a beautiful mansion at Succup Nature park, and we started the session there. Then we got some cute family pictures around the grounds at various locations in the park. My absolute favorite pictures were taken in front of the weeping willow just beside the lake. The sun sets riiigght behind the weeping willow, which makes for some beautiful pictures and perfect lighting at sunset. It's absolutely gorgeous. I'm SO happy I got to take these pictures of this growing family. Enjoy these pictures N family!!


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