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Location Inspiration for Maternity Photos in Pittsburgh, PA

I love being a maternity photographer in the Pittsburgh area. And I love finding the perfect location for my clients. If you're looking for a beautiful, wooded, outdoor location for your maternity photo session, look no further! Crouse Run Nature Reserve is one of my favorite places to take maternity clients who are looking for a wooded area that also has water features. Crouse Run is not just a beautiful wooded area, there's also a beautiful stream that runs along the trail. There's something magical about sessions at Crouse Run - it's almost like you're in your own world. And it's the perfect place for a mid-summer session, especially for a pregnant mama! Because of all of the tree coverage, we all get to keep cool while taking beautiful pictures. Read below to see why I love Crouse Run when expecting mamas are looking for a wooded area.

1. It's Secluded

One of the great things about Crouse Run is that it's not crowded like some of the other popular parks and trails in the Pittsburgh area. I go to Crouse run often - whether that's with my two small daughters to play or for a photo session, and usually we are the only people there. And if we do see other people, it's those who are hiking the trail and are only passing by.

2. There's Variety

Crouse Run Nature Reserve has so much to offer. It has a beautiful trail through the woods - so if you're looking for just a wooded area for pictures, Crouse Run would be perfect. There are also multiple spots with easy stream access. So if you want some water features in your maternity photo session, Crouse Run has that as well! Another cool aspect is that there are ruins very close to the trail. It's truly a magical place to photograph.

3. It's Easy To Get To

The area you see in these images is only a short 5 minute walk from the parking lot. It's so easy to get to! That's another great feature to Crouse Run Nature Reserve. You don't have to walk a long way to get to a beautiful, secluded area. It's just a short walk from the parking lot. And let's be honest - being a short walk from the parking lot is a huge plus when you're pregnant!

There's so many reasons to love Crouse Run for maternity photo sessions! We have so many great outdoor locations in Pittsburgh, and I love finding special places for my clients. You can see another maternity photo session at Crouse Run Nature Reserve here!

Now, A Little About This Session...

I loved this maternity session. When the beautiful expecting mama contacted me about doing a maternity session, she mentioned that she wanted to do it in the woods, maybe near some water. I knew that she would love Crouse Run Nature Reserve! The expecting mom and dad both love to be outside - camping, hiking, and everything outdoors. Crouse Run provided the perfect backdrop for these beautiful maternity photographs. You can see how the expecting mama is glowing! Enjoy these photographs from this beautiful night.

It's so important to preserve life's fleeting moments through beautiful photographs! I am a Pittsburgh maternity photographer who tells your story through images that are joyful, raw, and connected. If you would like more information about a session or would like to inquire, contact me here!


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