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When to Book Your Maternity Photos in Pittsburgh

A pregnant mother is holding her bump in a field in Pittsburgh, PA.

First, Congratulations! Being pregnant is so exciting and wonderful. Savor it. Unless it's not a great pregnancy - then COME ON, BABY - GET HERE FAST!!

Pregnancy is so individual to every woman. Some women love it, some hate it. But whether you love or hate it, it's important to document it! It's a transformative time, and at the end of your journey you get to meet your sweet new baby. One thing is for sure - you will treasure your maternity photos. I absolutely love being a Pittsburgh Maternity Photographer because I get to make fellow moms feel beautiful and powerful in their pregnant body. You probably have a list of things to accomplish before your baby is born. One of them should be booking your maternity and newborn photographer! You may be wondering when you should reach out to a photographer to book your maternity session and when your session will take place.

A family is laughing in a field in Pittsburgh, PA.

When To Book Your Maternity Photos

I always recommend to book your maternity photos when you are early in your 2nd trimester. This gives us plenty of time to schedule a time perfect for you. It's also a great time to book your newborn photos. And when you book with me I provide a special package if you book your maternity and newborn photos at the same time!

Are Maternity Photos Worth It?

I've talked with several women who aren't sure if maternity photos were right for them, and I totally get it. During the last couple of months of your pregnancy, you're probably not feeling your best or most beautiful, are likely tired, and just ready for your sweet baby to be born. BUT, let me tell you why you should get those maternity photos not only for yourself, but also for your newborn and your family!

  1. To document an important milestone. Just like any milestone - being pregnant is important to document! Also, a woman's body is so beautiful and powerful while pregnant - I LOVE preserving that! Your baby is going to grow up and you will treasure the professional photos you will get to show him or her.

  2. It gives us a chance to work together before your newborn session, which is always a plus! I don't know about you, but there's always some nerves and a sense of the unknown before you work with someone new - that's gone when I take your maternity photos!

  3. Because you want to. This third reason needs no explanation!

A pregnant woman is laying in the glass while holding her baby bump.

When Will Your Maternity Photos Take Place?

Your maternity photos will take place when you are between 30 - 36 weeks pregnant. It's the perfect time because by 30 weeks your belly has "popped". I try not to schedule maternity photos past 36 weeks, because I don't want you to be too uncomfortable during your session, and I want to have plenty of time to edit your photos before your baby is born! You will want to enjoy your beautiful maternity photos while you're still pregnant.

Is there some flexibility? Of course! But, this is why I recommend booking your maternity session early in your second trimester - so we have plenty of time to schedule a date that works for both of us. Curious about when your newborn session will take place? I have you covered! Take a look at this blog post about when to schedule your lifestyle newborn session!

Whether you want to reach out to ask some questions about a maternity session or to book your maternity and newborn session, contact me here to get started! I can't wait to work with you!


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