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Making Memories: Tips for Capturing Beautiful Newborn Photos with Siblings

A family of four sitting on the couch during a newborn photoshoot, laughing.

If you're reading this, you know the importance of getting newborn photos. Not just for your first child, but also for every child that comes after. Preserving those memories in the first days by hiring a professional photographer ensures that those first weeks won't become fuzzy memories from the constant exhaustion, joy, and activity of new motherhood. And the craziness only increases with each child. Seeing the connection of your children and your newborn is so special and unique. My job as your newborn photographer is not to create a fake family portrait of perfection - it's to document your family as it is. All of the love, the joy, and craziness. It's unique to your family, and that's what will make it invaluable to you for years to come. Read below for some tips for having the best newborn photos with siblings.

Preparing Your Kids Before Your Newborn Session

Tell your kids that someone is going to come to take photos of the family - it's best not to wait last minute to surprise your kids! If possible, make sure your kids get a good night of sleep (I know parents have little control over sleep and sometimes that's impossible), and have a good breakfast before your session.

In regards to your kids' clothing, have them try on their clothes a week or a couple days BEFORE the session, and pick something that is comfortable. If your kids try on the clothes before the session and they are complaining that it's itchy or too big, etc, then you have time to pick something else out for your kids for your newborn session.

Manage Your Expectations for Newborn Photos with Siblings

This suggestion is so important for a successful newborn session with siblings. Manage your expectations for newborn photos with your kids. Don't expect small kids, especially toddlers, to sit still and smile for your photos (let's be honest - even adults have problems with that). Expect them to be active, wiggly, not being able to sit still, and not want to listen. But don't worry - the chaos is where the magic happens - it's where the real connection and emotion happens in your photos.

Be Positive

Our kids pick up on our attitudes. So if you talk about your upcoming session in a negative way in front of your kids, or in a way that shows you are dreading it, your kids will pick up on that and likely adopt your negative attitude towards the session. But if you have a positive attitude and say, for example: "Guess what, a photographer is coming to take pictures of us with your new sister (or brother)! How exciting!" Super cheesy.... I know, but you get the picture. Or something along those lines, they will likely mirror your positive attitude going into the session which may make a huge difference! And obviously, your message will depend on the age of your child.

A family with a newborn is sitting on the floor of a nursery and reading a book.

Be Prepared To Connect During Your Session

During your session, you will be connecting with your children, your spouse, and newborn by interacting with them. I will always be there to direct you during your session, so don't worry about having to think up activities or interactions to have with your family - that's my job! I will likely tell you to hug them, kiss them, play games with them, or even read a book, etc. Most of the photos you receive when you get your gallery will be of you looking at your family and interacting. So, be prepared to have that interaction with your family and to not just be looking at the camera.

Be Flexible

You could have prepared your kids for your newborn session perfectly. Your kids could have had the best sleep of their life the night before, a great breakfast, and have comfortable clothes on, and STILL - things can go wrong. There could be melt downs. THAT'S OK!! Your child's world has just been rocked. Another tiny human has just come into their world, so there are likely lots of big emotions going on. We take breaks as needed, your kids can have snacks as needed. The goal is to have a relaxed experience and part of that means to be flexible.

My goal as a Pittsburgh newborn photographer is to have my clients feel prepared before their newborn sessions. I promise you mama - you will have beautiful photos of your family from this fleeting time in your life. Embrace the chaos where the magic truly happens!!


It's so important to preserve life's fleeting moments through beautiful photographs! I am a Pittsburgh newborn and baby photographer who tells your story through images that are joyful, raw, and connected. If you would like more information about a session or would like to inquire, contact me here! 


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