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What to Wear To Your Newborn Photo Session

One of the most frequently asked questions clients ask after they book a newborn photography session is what should they wear. And I get it - I remember postpartum, just after having my daughters. It's hard to think about what to wear for your newborn photos when your body has gone through such a major transformation, but with a little planning your newborn photos will be beautiful and such a special memory for you and your family. I absolutely love being a Pittsburgh newborn photographer because I meet so many amazing new families, and the days after your newborn is born are so so special! It brings me back to my own daughters' first days every time I meet a sweet new babe. The love, the newborn baby smell, the newborn cuddles - I love preserving all of those fleeting moments. They will be documented, preserved, and you will never never regret investing in those memories. So let's get to the good stuff. What should you wear?? Below are some tips to help you put together a wardrobe you will feel comfortable in for your newborn photos.

Don't Wear Clothes That You Need to Keep Adjusting

Is there a top that you constantly need to adjust to hide your bra strap? Don't wear it to your session... You will be focused on that bra strap instead of your beautiful new baby. This also applies to your young kids - Does one of your other young kids have a vest that always hides part of their face? Avoid it for you session!

Keep it Simple

Solid colors or small prints are always a great option. Avoid clothes with writing or logos on them. We want the attention to be on your baby, not on a big logo on someone's shirt. Neutral colors always work very well for indoor newborn photos - Think whites, creams, light grays, light browns/beige, and pastel colors.

Comfort is Most Important

This is for you, mom! Wear something that you feel comfortable in - That may be a flowy dress or your favorite maternity top. If you are not comfortable in your clothes it will totally show up in your images. Comfort is also key if you have other little kiddos - we all know they don't hold their feelings in too well, so if you have a little one who is sensitive to clothing, make sure they are comfortable too!

Use Coordinating Colors

For dad and siblings, coordinate colors with mom's outfit. The days of matching colors are gone - instead of matching, choose colors that coordinate - that will make your images have a much more cohesive feel. Don't know where to start with coordinating your colors for a wardrobe? Google is your friend! Also, I am ALWAYS there to answer questions and guide you regarding your wardrobe.

Plan Your Wardrobe Before Your Newborn's Birth

Most newborn sessions are booked when the mother is still pregnant. It's a good idea to plan out your wardrobe before you give birth so you have one less thing to worry about when your newborn is actually here. I'm all about making anything after birth easier! Because mom brain is real. Even something as simple as choosing your outfit will make you feel more prepared for your session.

Be Yourself!

Do you love bright, bold colors and want to incorporate them in your newborn photos? Go for it! These are YOUR images, YOUR memories, so don't be afraid to break some rules if you have a specific style. These tips are merely a guideline.

Consider your Home Decor

I'm a lifestyle newborn photographer, so your newborn photo session will take place in the comfort of your home. So when you invest in a lifestyle newborn photo session, you will receive beautiful images that will be hanging on your walls. Consider the decor in your house when you choose your wardrobe, because your wall art is going to be a big part of that decor!

I hope these tips help you feel more prepared for your in-home lifestyle newborn session. Always remember - I am here to help you! Please contact me if you need any guidance regarding your wardrobe.


It's so important to preserve life's fleeting moments through beautiful photographs! I am a Pittsburgh newborn and baby photographer who tells your story through images that are joyful, raw, and connected. If you would like more information about a session or would like to inquire, contact me here!


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