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How to Prepare for your Lifestyle Newborn Session

Updated: Aug 4, 2022

Lifestyle newborn sessions are so special, and they're quickly becoming a favorite of mine. You've just welcomed your sweet baby home and I get to capture the beautiful, fleeting time that is the newborn stage. Years from now, you will look back on these pictures with love and nostalgia. I love how pictures can take you back in time – like how you can almost breathe in that newborn scent when you look back on newborn pictures years after they were taken. Or how you can hear those sweet baby coos all over again. It’s the best – and that’s why getting newborn pictures is so important!

Before we get to the guide below, I need to mention the wonderful family in these beautiful images. The C Family was a dream to work with – their little guy was so calm for most of the session, and mom and dad were so relaxed the entire time. One of the best parts of being a photographer is meeting new people. Thank you, C Family, for letting me capture your sweet baby boy!

Keep reading to get some tips on how to prepare for your in-home lifestyle newborn session!

After you book (or even before) you might wonder how to prepare for your session, because let’s be honest - having someone come into your home to take pictures days or weeks after a birth can be daunting – but it doesn’t have to be! The key is feeling prepared! Hopefully this guide will answer the questions you have and helps you to feel prepared for your lifestyle newborn session.

Your House:

When I arrive, I will walk around your home and scout out the best lit areas for photos. I usually use the nursery, living room, and master bedroom. And there’s no need to do a deep clean of your house before I arrive – I know what it’s like with a newborn! I have two of my own, and a clean house was the last thing on my mind. We can easily clean up an area that we want to use for photos while I’m there.

Your Baby:

Your newborn is perfect just the way he or she is. I don't try and make babies sleep or place them in unnatural poses. I recommend you have your newborn in a simple onesie. Also, a few favorite swaddle blankets for your baby to be wrapped in, and have them ready for the start of the session.

I recommend feeding the baby as much as he or she wants about 15 minutes prior to my arrival. Newborn sessions can take some time – which is OK and expected! There is time for diaper changes, feedings, and lots of snuggles. I do not do major posing or have any expectation on how the baby should behave (alert or asleep). I let the baby guide the session – my goal is to capture this beautiful time in your life.


The most important tip is to RELAX! (Easier said than done... I know) My job is not to make it look like life with a newborn is perfect, but rather to capture just how beautiful it is with your new addition. So please don’t be anything but yourself.


I recommend neutral colors and comfort. Whites, neutrals, and earth tones are great options for your wardrobe and will ensure your images remain timeless for years to come. As you can see in these pictures – mom has a flowy white dress, dad has a simple navy shirt, and baby is wearing an off-white outfit. With that being said, maybe you love bright colors or bold patterns - totally OK - it's what YOU are most comfortable in, and everyone is different. These are for you and your family. And if you need help or inspiration, I am here to help you.

If you are thinking about getting a lifestyle newborn session or just need more information, contact me HERE!


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