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Kid-Friendly Hiking Trail North of Pittsburgh: North Park

A brother gives his sister a piggy back ride in North Park during golden hour.

One of my favorite kid-friendly hiking trails North of Pittsburgh to go to in any season is in North Park. The trail winds through an open field and my kids LOVE running wild along the trail beside the tall grass and wildflowers. If you go during golden hour, also known as the hour before sunset, get ready for an amazing show! Open skies and beautiful, expansive fields that's the perfect place to watch the sun go down. I still remember the first time I brought my kids to this field. It was a warm summer night. My two young daughters jumped out of the car with huge smiles and started to run through the trails. There's something so fun about seeing your kids let loose and just be totally themselves in nature. And as a Pittsburgh family photographer, it also doubles as one of my favorite kid-friendly locations for family sessions. Why do I love this trail for my kids? Read on below!

A family of three walks in a beautiful field during sunset in Allison Park, PA.

What Makes this trail Kid-Friendly?

There are a couple aspects that make me love this trail for kids. The first is elevation gain - is there going to be a lot of hills? Because even if your child is in a carrier, hills are still hard on the parents who are carrying the child. My favorite trails are the ones I can keep my kids out of the carrier for. And this trail in North Park is perfect if you want an easy trail for your kids. No major hiking gear is needed, maybe just a bag with snacks and water. And there's almost no elevation gain! That's such a plus and makes this trail easily accessible for even the smallest child.

Also, this is the type of trail you can walk any time of the year, which is another reason I love this location. There's no water or streams that become too large when it rains and no slippery rocks when it gets icy. Winter, Spring, Summer, or Fall - you will love this trail for yourself or your kids!

Tips For Hiking North Field With Your Kids

Honestly you can just put your kids in comfortable shoes and put some sunscreen on before heading out to this trail and have no problems. But, below are some things that you can bring to make sure you have the best time with your kids!


This one is obvious for all parents. Anytime you go out hiking with your kids it's a good idea to bring snacks. And bring more than you think you need, because it's inevitable that your kids will blow through the food you bring quickly.

Sunhat and Sunscreen.

There is little to no tree coverage on this trail, so definitely bring plenty of sunscreen and a sunhat for your kids, especially if you're planning on going midday!

Bug Spray.

As with any outdoor space, it's a good idea to bring some bug spray. And definitely check for ticks after your hike in North Park because they are rampant in Pennsylvania!

A family of four are walking together in a field while the mother waves at her daughter.

Getting There

The trailhead is easy to miss - the parking lot is just a small opening in the brush. And the parking lot is small, as it only fits about six cars. The exact address is Latodami Nature Center Trailhead, 351 Reynolds Rd, Wexford, PA 15090. Don't confuse this with the Latodami Nature Center, which is about 1 minute down the road from the trailhead (but is also a great place to explore with your kids!)

A family of three walk together in a beautiful field in North Park during a gorgeous sunset.

As with any hiking adventure with kids, the most important thing to remember is you may not get to your destination - and that's OK. Because if you're a parent - I'm sure you know - kids get SO distracted. It's about the journey, not the destination! Have fun splashing in the water and exploring a new place. I know if you try this trail, you and your kids will LOVE it! Happy hiking!

Looking for another great kid-friendly hiking trail for your kids? Check out this other trail in Allison Park, PA!


Sarah Harrison is a family photographer that serves the greater Pittsburgh area, including Gibsonia, Hampton Township, Wexford, McCandless, Ross, North Hills, Allison Park, Fox Chapel, and Sewickley. Ready to book your family photos? Click here to contact me about scheduling your session!


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