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From Moments to Memories: Family Photography in Pittsburgh, PA

A mom and dad are holding their baby boy outside in Pittsburgh, PA

Tangible memories - the kind that you smile about for years afterward - that is why you hire a professional photographer. Turning moments into memories is my job. And hiring a professional photographer who knows how to skillfully preserve your cherished memories is so invaluable because you will always have something to look back on after your kids are grown and out if the house. And not just the stiff, forced-smiling pictures, but the images that make you FEEL. The kind of images that exude emotion - like your son's full-belly laugh, or your daughter's bear hug. I'm a Lifestyle Family Photographer in Pittsburgh, so I will not just be asking you to smile and stare at my camera. In my opinion, that doesn't capture a family how I'd like and doesn't show your unique connection to your loved ones - it only shows your connection to my camera! The goal of your family session is to tell your story through images. We will do that by creating beautiful moments during your photography session, and creating a space so that you feel comfortable being yourself. Read on below to find out all you need to know about family photography in Pittsburgh, PA.

A family of three are walking together in a field in North Park.

How to Find the Best Family Photographer in Pittsburgh

It is so important to find the right photographer that matches your style. Do you want a portrait photographer or lifestyle photographer? Do you want your session to take place outside in one of the many locations Pittsburgh has to offer, or do you want your session to take place in a studio or even inside your home? All are options to consider. Feeling overwhelmed and don't know what kind of photographer you're looking for? I wrote a blog to help you figure out what style of photography you like the best and how to pick the right photographer for you. You can read about picking the best photographer for your needs here.

One of the most important tips is to browse the photographer's website. Each photographer has a different style and different editing technique. Make sure that you love that photographer's work! Because the images that you see on their website are the types of images you can expect to receive in you own gallery.

A mom and dad are laughing and sitting together with their baby boy.

Capturing Candid Moments of Families

If you want your family photos to be full of sweet candid moments, you are in the right place. When I deliver a gallery, the majority of the photos will be of candid moments. You may worry that if most of the images are candid, that there won't be much direction from me - but that isn't true! There is a lot of direction, but instead of me telling you to stand still and smile, I will be asking you for a lot of movement and interaction. I guide my families through the whole session and provide direction through every step so that you don't feel lost or feel like you don't know what to do.

A baby boy is smiling outside in Pittsburgh, PA

The Experience: Family Photography in Pittsburgh, PA

Family photos can be stressful as a parent, especially with young kids - it can be hard because all you want are some nice photos of your family, but maybe your kids are at an age where they don't listen, and just want to run around (what kid doesn't). You know what can make all the difference? The right family session experience! A playful one, one where you and your kids aren't pretending to be what they're not. As a professional photographer, my job is to create an environment where you feel comfortable to be yourself. Your family experience with me starts with preparation. I will let you know what to expect during your session and how I typically run my family sessions. During your family session, you will interact with your family and your kids will have the freedom to run or be silly, like kids are meant to be! Read about how to have a successful family session with your young kids here.

A baby boy is on his dad's shoulders while his mom is looking and smiling.

Displaying Your Art

In today's digital world, printing the images from your family photography session can be forgotten or an afterthought because you can look at the photos at any time online or on your phone - you can just post them on your social media accounts. But I really encourage you to get your images printed as soon as possible after your session. There's nothing like a tangible photo and framed images of your family on your walls. It's so important not only for you, but also for your kids. Having photos of themselves on their walls is a major boost in their self confidence! And there are so many products to choose from. I provide an online store when you receive your gallery, and products range from simple prints, to canvases, and even photo albums.

Your kids only stay young for so long, and preserving that time with professional photos is invaluable. You will never regret booking a professional family photography session, especially when you've done your research and know what you want in a photographer. Contact me here to start planning your family session in Pittsburgh, PA or to chat more about booking your session!


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