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Free Kid-Friendly Events in Pittsburgh This Summer

Updated: Jan 5

A young boy is happily running in a park while his parents are behind him holds hands and smiling.

If you're like me, you are always looking for things to do with your kids, especially when the weather starts getting warmer. I have two daughters, and I love finding different activities in and around Pittsburgh to keep them active. And between expenses like summer camps, vacations, sports, and several kids activities, the cheaper the better. If it's free and something my husband and I will also love - I hit the Jackpot! That last part is key - these below events aren't kid-specific. They're kid-inclusive (did I just make up a word? Probably.) This means that it's not only targeted to my kids, but I'll also have a great time - which is the best case scenario when finding activities for your kids! I mean, come on... how many trampoline parks have we all been to?? We are so lucky living in Pittsburgh, because there are so many great options to take your kids outside and various free events that the whole family will love.

Pittsburgh has had a great revival in the past fifteen years. Now, the city is on several best-to-live lists, not only for young, childless couples, but also for families! The below events are for the Spring and Summer months in Pittsburgh and only include free events. If you're looking for a more general list of things to do with kids in Pittsburgh, check out this blog post!

Summer Concert Series at Hartwood Acres

Every Sunday in the summer, Hartwood Acres hosts free concerts at the Amphitheater. It is absolutely amazing. The concerts start at 7:30pm and last sometimes until 10-11pm. We never stay the whole time because we have young kids, but they always have so much fun dancing and running around outside with great music playing in the background.

There are various food trucks there so you can enjoy some food and drinks while you listen to music. We bring a picnic blanket, a bottle of wine, and snacks. It's so much fun for the kids and the adults. The Hartwood Concerts are my absolute favorite free event that our kids love too. See the schedule for the Summer Hartwood Acres Concert Series here. The schedule of events for the 2023 year will be updated in May.

Spring Drive-In Movies

Is there anything better than a drive-in movie to a kid? These drive-in movies are every Saturday night from April 15 to May 20. The movies will be at Hartwood Acres Park or South Park. Get all of the details about the drive-in movies here!

Allegheny Acoustics

Every couple of weeks, musicians will be playing music in various parks around Allegheny County. These live performances at the park are perfect for kids, because your kids can dance and sing and RUN around all they want. Find the details here

Car Cruises

My husband LOVES cars, and is always on the hunt for car cruises. Car Cruises can be for kids too! There will be food trucks and live music. Also, what child doesn't love watching cars race? Find the details about the various car cruises here.

Three Rivers Art Festival

The Three Rivers Art Festival will take place on June 2-11 for the 2023 season. The Art festival is a Pittsburgh staple, and if you've never attended, I highly recommend! It's so much fun walking with your kids in the city, eating great food, and seeing local Pittsburgh vendors.

Market Square Farmer's Market

The Market Square Farmer's Market happens every Thursday from May 12 - October 27 10am - 2pm. There's tons of great food and music. I love walking around the local Pittsburgh vendors and finding treasures while munching on some food. When I worked downtown, I would love walking around during my lunch break!

Is there some other free event you love taking your kids to around the Pittsburgh area? Let me know! Enjoy taking your kids around the great city of Pittsburgh!


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