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Family Photos at North Park in McCandless, PA

Updated: Apr 5

A family is interacting and smiling in a field inMcCandless, PA.

If you are in the Pittsburgh area and looking for a great location for your family photos, look no further than this field in North Park! As a Pittsburgh Family Photographer, one of my jobs is to find beautiful locations, and I knew as soon as I started exploring that it would be absolutely perfect for family photos. When you drive up to the parking lot, it is very unassuming, and doesn't look like much, but after a short two minute walk, the trees open up to a beautiful field. It's one of my go-to spots North of Pittsburgh, PA if my clients are looking for a field. The sun sets just beyond the trees in the West, and it's even gorgeous when it's cloudy. Your kiddos will have fun running through the field and along the paths. I love using this location! One thing to consider if you do use this location is that since it is an open field, it would be a good idea for the session to take place during golden hour, which is either just after sunrise or just before sunset. Otherwise, the lighting may be too harsh.

This family photo session was absolutely perfect. You know when everything comes together - you have a beautiful night, gorgeous fall colors, and a fun, laid-back family? This session embodies all of that. There were two young kiddos, which is always fun. The young boy was running around almost the whole time, and his little sister got some time on her feet too. Near the end of the session, we got to go on top of the platform on top of the hill, and even got some sweet photographs while the family wandered back to the entrance. And the key to enjoying your family photo session with your young kids is to relax! Really. Just go with the flow - let your kids run around and play. Let your kids be silly.

A young boy is running towards his family in a field at North Park.

It's so important to preserve life's fleeting moments through beautiful photographs! I am a Pittsburgh family photographer who tells your story through images that are joyful, raw, and connected. I serve Pittsburgh, PA and the surrounding areas, including Ross Township, McCandless, Hampton Township, Allison Park, Gibsonia, and more. If you would like more information about a session or would like to inquire, contact me here!


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