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Family of Four Family Session in Pittsburgh, PA

Updated: Aug 4, 2022

This session is the perfect example of Lifestyle Photography. There's lots of interaction between family members - Hugs, laughs, kisses, and having fun.... I've said this multiple times before, but my goal with a family session is to capture the family's personality. I don't want to provide stiff, smiling pictures. I want to deliver pictures full of love and emotion. When you look at your gallery, I want you to remember the feeling you had at your session (hopefully positive!), not that your kids weren't smiling at the camera or standing still. This is Lifestyle Photography. There's lots of movement and fun which is perfect for kiddos (and adults) who don't want to sit still. The candid moments. The sweet, in-between moments. In my opinion, that's where the best pictures come from.

Anyway, THIS SESSION! It was cloudy when we first started, which I was totally fine with, because it gave off such a dark moody vibe. BUT WOW, the sun came out halfway through the session and put on a spectacular show! I can't get over this sky. It was cold, and dad's jacket came to the rescue a couple times.... There were a few blankets used by the end of the session, but everyone still had a blast. I love how you can clearly see the special family bond. Enjoy these pictures!!


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