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Discount Clothes Stores for Your Child in Pittsburgh, PA

I love buying clothes for my two young daughters. Being a Pittsburgh Family Photographer, I know the struggle of trying to find affordable clothes that my girls will wear, will not be destroyed in a week, but will also look good! Also, I rarely buy new clothes for my kids, because they're kids. They are ALWAYS getting clothes dirty and ruined. My 5 year old's favorite thing to do as soon as she goes outside is to find a pile of dirt or mud and play in it. This is why most of the clothes I buy for my two young daughters are from discount clothing stores in the Pittsburgh area. I have two go-to stores that I love to get their clothes from, read on to find out! But first, find out why I tend to buy discount clothes for my girls rather than new.

Why You Should Buy Secondhand Clothes For Your Kids

1. You Will Save SO MUCH MONEY

Discount kids clothes are so much cheaper than buying new (obviously!). I've probably saved thousands of dollars buying clothes at a discount - and the clothes I get are GOOD QUALITY! It's not like I'm buying clothes with stains or holes in them. The discount stores don't accept clothes that are poor quality. I've gotten countless name brand clothes, coats, and accessories for a fraction of the list price because I buy used. SO WORTH IT!!

2. It's OK if Their Clothes Get Dirty

This is probably one of the top reasons why I mostly buy my kids clothes at a discount. Kids are REALLY good at ruining clothes! They can't help it - and it's fine because kids are meant to get messy, dig in the dirt, jump in muddy puddles, and spill spaghetti sauce all over their shirt (you get the idea). Why buy new, expensive clothes for your kids when you can buy at a discount and not have to worry as much that they will ruin new clothes.

3. Kids Growth Rate

If you're a parent, you already know this - but your kids grow so fast, especially in the early years. I swear every time I think my daughters have finally grown into a size, they have a growth spirt and I am changing their wardrobe to the next size up. Why spend full price for clothes they will only wear for a few months?

4. It's Sustainable

When you buy used clothes for your kids, you are giving demand to what would otherwise be discarded as garbage. And as I mentioned above, most of the time there is nothing wrong with the used clothes. It's recycling, which is always a plus.

My Favorite Discount Clothes Stores

I have two favorite discount kids clothing stores, which you can see below. Another great thing about these stores is that they have other products too - they have baby gear, toys, books, shoes, and accessories. Kid to Kid even has some maternity clothes. These two stores have saved my family literally thousands of dollars, and I hope you find as much value in them as I do!

1. Once Upon A Child

Once upon a child is the first store I check when my kids need new clothes, or when they are in between sizes, and I need to get a few pieces to hold them over until they fully switch into a new size. The majority of my girls' coats and jackets also come from here. Once Upon a Child has four locations around Pittsburgh, including the North Hills, Cranberry, Monroeville, and Robinson.

2. Kid to Kid

I've also gotten countless clothes from Kid to Kid - it's an excellent option for your kids discount clothes store. There is one location in Ross Township.

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