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2023 Pittsburgh Fall Mini Sessions

Updated: Mar 7

A mother holding her young daughter while in a field.

Fall is in the air mama, so it's that time again - the time to book your family photos! As a family photographer in Pittsburgh, PA, I promise you that Fall is the best time to get your family photos! However, I am NOT providing traditional fall minis this year. I am excited to introduce a new approach to preserving the beauty and warmth of this season: fall "half sessions." While traditional fall mini sessions are very popular and are great for some people, my fall half sessions will offer you a better experience and more flexibility for you and your loved ones. This will be the only time of the year I will offer these shorter "half sessions", so make sure you take advantage of them! In this blog post, I'll outline the reasons why fall half sessions are the best choice for preserving your irreplaceable fall memories and explain how to book your session.

A family of four is smiling while the parents are playing airplane with the kids.

More Time, More Memories

These half sessions are 30 minutes long, which means you have more time to relax and warm up to your photo session. Additionally, if you have young kids, the increased time allows for them to warm up so I can capture their real smile and personality. Children tend to open up and express themselves more easily when they do not feel rushed. So unlike the quick nature of mini sessions, a half session allows for more unhurried moments, enabling us to capture a wider range of authentic emotions and connections.

Flexibility and Convenience

Fall is a busy season for everyone. The kids are back in school, likely in several sports, and the holidays are right around the corner. With half sessions, you can choose a time that fits into your schedule, making it convenient for you and your family.

A father is sitting with his daughter on a blanket in a field in Pittsburgh, PA.

Versatile Locations

Because I'm not picking one day of mini sessions, location can be picked by you, with help from me if you need it! Whether you prefer the vibrant foliage of a local park, a vast field, or an urban setting along the streets of the city, the possibilities are endless. This allows for a unique and personalized backdrop that suits your family's style and preferences.

Half Session Details + How to Book

These Sessions are offered only from October 11 - December 5 2023, and you choose the date that works best for you. They will be 30 minutes long and pricing is $350. Your half session includes 25 digital images and Print Release of your images. These sessions are perfect for families, couples, motherhood, maternity, or branding. Contact me here to book your half session!

By choosing a half session over a traditional mini session, you're investing in a more relaxed, versatile, and enjoyable photography experience. Preserve the essence of fall and create lasting memories with your loved ones, all while enjoying the beauty of this captivating season. Contact us today to book your fall half session and let's make this fall a memorable one


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