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Fine Art Child Portraits Pittsburgh

Captivating fine art portrait of a young girl with a gentle, soft smile, beautifully captured by Sarah Harrison Photography.

Ohhh, I just love these sessions. There's something so special about documenting a child's true essence. Fine Art child portraits are a magical world where the images are about genuine smiles and capturing the shade of each child's unique personality. Against a simple black backdrop, I capture more than just moments; I freeze the laughter, curiosity, and unfiltered joy that make your child who they are. It's not your typical photoshoot where the goal is to get pictures of your child smiling, looking at the camera; it's an exploration of your child's personality. So when you book fine art portraits for your child, I'll let your child's personality shine through gorgeous photos that will speak volumes about your child's beautiful, authentic self. You likely already have your child's school photos printed from the fall, but I encourage you to book these fine art portraits for your child. With these photos of your child, your child's personality will be captured in the form of beautiful art - photos that you will love to print and put on your wall.

A fine art portrait expertly captured by Sarah Harrison Photography of a boy laughing.

What Makes Fine Art Child Portraits Unique

My goal with these Fine Art portraits is not to get a stiff, fake smile from your kids. It's to capture your child's personality - It's not the same as school pictures, where the photographer simply says "smile!" and gets several pictures of your child smiling and looking at the camera. In my fine art child portraits, it's OK if they aren't looking at my camera the whole time. If your child is more serious, there may not be a photo in the gallery with your child smiling. That's OK, and what makes these child portraits unique. It's not about forcing a smile, it's about documenting their spirit and who they are as a little person. A lot of times, I have parents stand away from their kids while I take their photo because a lot of the time, kids will automatically fake smile for the camera because it's what they think parents want. Don't worry, you don't have to go far!

A fine art portrait captured by Sarah Harrison Photography of a girl sticking her tongue out.

A Simple, Black Background

I only use a black background for these Fine Art child portraits. It's simple and timeless. But the black background also has an important purpose. The significance is the ability to eliminate distractions, allowing the viewer's attention to be drawn solely to the subject—your child. By removing external elements and a more elaborate background, the focus is entirely on the child's expressions and emotions, creating an atmosphere where genuine emotions can be documented. And truly - these sessions are some of my favorite because every child is different and it's magical to see their personality come to life through beautiful images.

A fine art child portrait of a girl widely smiling.

How to Book Your Session

The next Fine Art Child Portrait event is on April 6, 2024 and will be held at Sunlight Studio in West View. To book your session, simply click the below link. Select April 6 and choose a time that works for you. After you submit the form, I will send your contract and invoice. You have 24 hours to sign the contract and pay the $100 retainer to secure your spot!choose a ten minute time slot. The price includes a gallery of at least 8 images, which you will get in both color and black and white. Two children max are allowed per time slot. A discount of $25 will be applied to your total when you book more than one time slot for 3 or more children.

A captivating portrait of a boy intensely making eye contact.

Fine art child portraits are more than the average school photo. Your child will be so proud to see themselves as art, up on the wall in your home. And it's the perfect way to document the silly, sweet, serious, or joyful emotions of your child. It's an experience that goes beyond capturing a photo; it's about capturing the spirit of your child in a way that resonates for generations. Reserve your spot below for your fine art child portraits today. Limited spots are available.


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